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  • PCB board length: mm width: mm, Qty: PCS
Latest 4-layer PCB quote,  Sample Specials $24.99
(Length and width are both less than or equal to 50mm)

Single layer printed circuit board

  • FR-1(94V0),CEM-1 and FR-4
    Quick turn sample PCB, 3~4 day
    Best solution for single sided PCB
  • Single layer board custom type: materials, color and thicknes.
    Self-service & Online instant quote
    Worldwide shipping

Double layer board manufacturing service

  • FR4, Immersion tin or Immersion gold
  • Custom/Complex PCB Quote
  • Flying probe check
  • Double layer board material type: FR-4. 35um/1OZ,
    Board size(Length/Width): Min 10 mm, Max 500 mm.
    Simple steps, No extra cost.

Multilayer circuit board

  • Special offer online,
    Safety, No register, No privacy leaks
    Free Flying probe, Free AOI check
  • Multilayer board material type: FR-4
  • Full Flying probe,Automatic Optical Inspection(AOI) for multilayer
  • Board thickness: 0.4 ~ 0.8mm,1.0 ~ 1.6 mm,2.0 mm

Mass production for full series printed circuit board

  • Fine quality,
    Reliable service,
    No extra cost.
  • PCB Prototype to production, small and medium scale production.
    Custom/complex PCB board from shenzhen,china
    Perfect solution for international transport services.
  • Instant quote @ Low cost
  • Online Ordering & Self-Service

PCB Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • Automatic Optic Inspection (AOI) check and Flying probe check for DiGPCB's FR-4 PCB board.
  • All orders are simple steps, fully self-service. No registration, no worry account security, no hidden costs. Real-time review of material cost and shipping costs.
  • Fast sample PCB supply and PCB production manufacturing services.

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