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  • PCB board length: mm width: mm, Qty: PCS

Preparing your file

PCB file format:
We accept most popular PCB design software output gerber file or original file. But we prefer to accept gerber format: RS-274-X.
Printed circuit board design software:
Protel99, Protel99se, ProtelDXP, PowerPCB, Altium,P-CAD, Eagle, Proteus, Csieda, Cadence, orCAD, Zuken, Allegro, Mentor. Because application software version differences may not be able to read the original file. Therefore, We prefer to use gerber file. Please packaged gerber file in ZIP/RAR format.
Some common mistakes and problems, please refer to the following:
  • PCB design software and gerber file format
  • NC Drill file is missing or not proper format.
  • PCB hole data missing.
  • Solder mask layer missing.
  • PCB layer naming confusion,uncertain top or bottom layer order.
  • Multiple layers intersect and overlap errors.
  • We recommend checking the correctness of gerber files in advance, and to ensure that PCB file meets our manufacturing specifications.
  • Based on our factory process capability, DiGPCB can receive the customer's file and free check PCB/gerber file.

Print document

PCB Size calculation rules reference:
We only calculate the maximum length * maximum width of PCB board. Assuming the board design dimensions: 49.15 mm * 100.59 mm, we will recognize "50 mm * 101 mm" is the final dimension rather than 49 mm * 100 mm.
Online PDF document print:
Default conditions, you can enter a few parameters such as size and shipping way that can get a cost quote (including shipping costs).
Normally in order to reduce the risk of error, Please print quote spreadsheet in PDF format.
  • We can accept non-English characters described shipping address. But please repeat write non-English shipping address again in the email.
  • A quote spreadsheet can contain only a circuit. if more than one order, we will re-check shipping cost to customer.
  • Online quote result is self-service, we do not save any results. Please print online quote results in PDF format.
  • Please do not attach any other format documents.
  • Custom PCB orders and print document print as PDF


Payment method
We usually accept paypal, western union and bank payments, as well as other third-party payment and letters of credit (corporate account).
Payment term
Please note that the payment of different ways, we may charge an additional fee. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for payment details.
Payment and order status
Usually we will check the PCB file based on factory process capacity and timely feedback to customers, Not check error design. We will confirm customer has paid orders, PCB file will be quickly implanting factory ERP system.
  • Once the order is paid, Any request to modify or replace the PCB files are not allowed.
  • Safe and simple way to pay for your order
  • Worldwide shipping

Regions and shipping costs

Shipping regions
DiGPCB support worldwide shipping. But we have only listed some regions of online real-time shipping quotes. More other regions of shipping quotes, please contact us.
Freight cost calculator
DiGPCB support many types of shipping methods. usually updated monthly. We may update data (DHL,UPS,FEDEX) without notice. All data come from the shipping company for cooperation.
  • All prices quoted do not include remote fee and import customs fees.
  • Different regions of the shipping costs may differ.
  • Two or more packages cost is greater than single package.
  • Simply way to track order status
  • Most Asian countries and regions, Customers can choose a dedicated shipping routes. Similarly, for DHL, UPS and Fedex, we support freight payable at destination.
  • International freight rule

sample PCB order step description and requirements

Well begun is half done.

please printing quote page as a pdf file.please packaging pcb as a rar file.

Finally, Please send the "pdf" and "zip" file to us via email.
Do not attach other files to the zip file, any additional files will be ignored.


Simple ordering process


For new customer order, please contact us for payment methods. More detail, please read the title of the right side of the page.

More descriptions, please refer to the pages listed to the right of the navigation title.-->

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