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How do I prepare a Gerber file?

Due to different pcb software supports many format of the gerber file output, and also based on the unified operation of our manufacturing plants.
Therefore, we recommend customers to use the RS274-D and RS274-X format gerber file.

In general, when you submit gerber files, please take the initiative to check the following possible errors:
1) Aperture file missing
2) NC drilling and layers malposition
3) Line(copper) width is too small
4) Pad or via hole is too small
View gerber files of software, such as: Viewmate,CAM350,Gerberview,GerbTool


PCB manufacturing(Processing) time reference

The following time chart for reference only, May be affected by orders, power supply, holiday and other reasons to change.


PCB Contour

A mature product design, we are usually based on product assembly, mold design, and maintenance, product cost considerations. The engineers design the contour of the most PCB are four sides type.

If not the consideration of the project, we recommend should be reduced circular or curved contour of the PCB.
DiGPCB.com provide samples PCB of business, can support any contour of the PCB manufacturing.

PCB copper thickness

Please note: all of our PCB layer copper thickness is 35um (1OZ) default. If the thickness is unable to meet customer needs, please try increasing the spray tin process. as shown below example:


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