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The default is self-calculating the pcb price, also include shipping cost.
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Note:Because our manufacturing process is based on the ERP mode. If your PCB file with the default parameters not match, We will hold order and send a email to you until you re-confirm or complement the corresponding costs.


Special price


1) The length and width are less than or equal to 50 mm, and other parameters by default.


We only calculate the maximum length * maximum width. Such as the following example:

If  PCB board Length: 51.2mm and Width: 49.1mm. We will be calculated according to the largest integer length.
Therefore, please enter the length of 52mm and width of 50 mm rather than 51mm and 49mm.

We do not allow some special size of PCB:
1) The length of any side is obviously too long, it is not conducive to shipping and packing.
2) The length of one side is obviously too long and the other side is obviously too narrow.
3) Any other special size requirements, please contact us first.


The PCB price of factor

Generally, the following items parameters will affect the price of the product:

1) PCB layer color (such as:Red,Blue,Yellow,Black,White)
2) PCB layer thickness (such as:0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 mm)
3) PCB layer surface plating (such as:Immersion Gold)
4) PCB Shipping way (such as:DHL,Fedex,UPS)

Please note that our online quote will be changed at any time based on market conditions.


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