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Prepare PCB File

Printed circuit board design software

Currently, DiGPCB support the following PCB design software: Protel99, Protel99se, ProtelDXP, PowerPCB, Altium,P-CAD, Eagle, Proteus, Csieda, Cadence, orCAD.

 (We recommend that the customer provide gerber file.)


How do I prepare a Gerber file?

Due to different pcb software supports many format of the gerber file output, and also based on the unified operation of our manufacturing plants. Therefore, we recommend customers to use the RS274-D and RS274-X format gerber file.
(When submitted the original files, such as *.PCB  format.  Please indicate the design software and version.)


PCB Layer Naming

We recommend that all file(PCB) layers to keep a clear name, such as xxx_top_layer.xxx, xxx_bot_layer.xxx, xxxtop_hole.txt....
Example: single layer printed circuit board file (gerber format), Copper layer definition may be in the TOP layer or BOTTOM layer. If the naming is clear and correct, we can quickly reduce document review time.


PCB Layer Number

We only provide the 2-layer and 4-layer PCB board for online quote. If you want to plan 1-layer , 6-layer PCB, please contact us first.
At present, we only accept the standard gerber formats files.


PCB Layer Hole

You must clearly understand the concept of the Pad hole and via(through) hole, as well as proper design rules.


Please be careful to use the pad hole and via hole. otherwise, your "pad hole" will be covered with paint.


PCB Hole and Line pitch

All line pitch and hole pitch should be greater than the limit parameter. More detailed parameters, Please refer here.


Multiple-PCB combination

Not allow put multiple-pcb graphics insert into the same pcb file. please keep a PCB file only contains a piece of PCB. and, a PCB file need contains a piece of manufacture form. Refused any form of multiple-PCB combination.


PCB Layer chamfer

We not recommendto use the inside chamfer. please use no inside chamfer, No inside chamfer result are as follows:



Before sending a Gerber file, please review the following common problems:


  • 1) NC Drill file is missing or not proper format. ↑+
  • 2) PCB file or Form documents file is missing.
  • 3) A required gerber file is missing.
  • 4) The solder mask gerber file is missing. ↑↑++
  • 5) PCB file is empty or compression errors.
  • 6) The gerber file name and PCB layer name defined confused, for example: uncertain top or bottom layer order.

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